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Stormcon serves communities and those who build them. We continue to lead through intuitive, turnkey and flexible solutions, dedicated to engineering the future of stormwater for the environment and economy.

pure possibilities

Pure Possibilities

We are a specialized team of civil and environmental professionals, focused on utilizing the full extent of our communities’ land through the design and implementation of underground stormwater management solutions.

Our end-to-end approach ensures the proper care and support is invested toward every project. Our solutions are designed to provide detention, retention, conveyance, and treatment of captured stormwater, returning it to natural watercourses at regulated rates and temperatures, while minimizing sediment, pollutants, and impurities.

Our end-to-end approach ensures the proper care and support is invested toward your project

Endless Opportunity

Up to 70% of urban rainwater is wasted. Traditional stormwater management has infamously squandered precious real estate that could otherwise be used for community parks and green space.

Similarly, green space can be created on top of our storm water management systems, in comparison to open air ponds. 100 + year storm events can be captured and controlled more effectively, ultimately reducing potential erosion, sediment control issues and bacteria growth, or eliminating them entirely.

Stormcon’s customer assurance and satisfaction are what separates us from the rest. With our team of personable professionals and our vast range of products, we’re sure to provide the best solution for your project, every time.

Up to 70% of urban 

rainwater is wasted

A Proven Reputation

With well over 200 projects completed, 250 clients served, and more than 250,000 m3 of volume of water managed, Stormcon has maintained the highest level of quality assurance and gained the trust of valued professionals across the construction and environmental industries alike.

Key Services

Our team of qualified and passionate individuals are here to ensure you receive the highest level of customer service and care. Stormcon’s Key Services:

Stormwater solutions for both quality and quantity control

Professional engineering support

Project-specific AutoCAD shop drawings

Project-specific operation & maintenance manuals

Active installation guidance

Estimates and budgeting